Inference LLC specializes in extracting stable meaningful patterns from survey data, particularly in attempt to measure complex and intangible constructs, such as achievement, development, quality, perceptions, engagement, and preference.

We are strongly grounded in practice and methods that put human judgment, experience, purpose, and theory first in deriving and driving meaning throughout the entire process – from test construction to interpretation and decision- making.  We then validate these qualitative judgments with quantitative evidence to provide insight into what is and is not working.

Our innovative methodologies provide evidence to support what inferences we can make from the data, which ones we cannot make, and exactly where interventions are needed. This gives our clients confidence in which decisions they can make based on their data, which they cannot, and why.

Other descriptions of services:
Meaningful quantification of perceptions and preferences

Data-driven decisions

Stable predictors of your outcomes
Defensible statistics for high stakes decisions

Prioritization of action plans

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Surgery Design

  • Develop focused survey items

  • Customize the rating scale to make it relevant to customers

  • Tie survey items and rating scale to key company metrics

Data Collection

  • Program electronic survey

  • Host survey

  • Monitor data collection

  • Track survey completion

Data Analysis 

  • Identify stable response patterns

  • Tie response patterns to key decisions metrics

  • Extract stable predictors of ROI

Prioritization Reporting