Inference is an efficient team of highly specialized data analysis and survey design experts that delivers evidence-based results, allowing companies to have statistical expertise without straining its internal resources.

Svetlana Beltyukova, PhD, Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Svetlana specializes in developing customized algorithms for optimal scoring and reporting.  She combines a variety of evidence-based methods to provide solutions that can easily be automated. Svetlana also holds an additional PhD in Cognitive Linguistics. 

Christine Fox, PhD, Founding Partner and Chief Officer of Marketing and Communications

Christine specializes in survey construction and analysis. She brings a set of unique approaches in extracting data patterns to produce a rich understanding of respondents’ perceptions. Christine also holds an MA in Consumer-Industrial Research Psychology

Matt O’Connor, PhD, Partner and Chief Business Development Officer

Matt has spent most of his career working directly for several Fortune 500 companies leading research design and survey construction projects to gain insight into HR issues, leadership development and customer experience.   Matt also holds an MBA with concentration in Healthcare Management, an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. 

Peter Paprzycki, PhD, Senior Research Analyst

Peter specializes in statistical modeling and applications of hierarchical linear models, meta-analysis and measurement. His breadth of expertise in both theory and application helps demonstrate the science behind each solution as well as benefits and drawbacks of competing approaches. Peter also holds an MA in Research and Evaluation and an MBA with specialization in investment finance. He has Fortune 500 company experience in treasury, sales and operations.

Christopher Fox-Strauss, Research Analyst

Christopher assists with algorithm development and implementation. He has strengths both creatively and analytically, and is a valuable addition to the team. Christopher will soon be earning his BS in biology and starting an MBA in marketing.